Meet The Millennials

Characteristics, trends, and preferences change from generation to generation. It is very important to understand these differences as a marketer to be able to successfully market their product or service to their target audience. Although basic principles for marketing that can be applied to any generation exist, marketing tactics that work more effectively for one generation over another also exist.

Millennials are known to be optimistic, focused, and goal driven. In addition, they can be very assertive and hold strong views. As a Millennial myself, I also know that many have the negative assumption that we must be constantly “nurtured.” We are also very tech savy and accepting.

In contrast, Baby Boomers are more traditional and view technology as a learning experience. However, they are similar to Millennials in that they are also optimistic and driven. The average Baby Boomer is starting to reach retirement age, but they are still very much targeted by current businesses.

Research has been conducted and published on the key characteristics of each generation, which can be very useful to marketers to help them understand who they are marketing to. Throughout the next several weeks I intend to post about which characteristics of businesses I, personally, find most appealing, giving readers insight on a Millennial’s perspective. Furthermore, this blog will reveal aspects of marketing that do not attract Millennials.





3 thoughts on “Meet The Millennials

  1. I agree with everything you had to say about millennials also with the fact that baby boomers are more traditional, which can by why their is definite difference in worldly views between the two. Looking forward to reading your blog in the upcoming weeks!

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  2. As someone who works closely with millenials, I realize that there are a lot of misconceptions out there. I hope you clear some of these up and show everyone how awesome your generation really is!


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